Research Group Biochemical Ecology and Molecular Evolution

Molecular Evolution of Biotic Interactions (bio247)

Interactions between organisms are a prominent part of biology. They are the result of millions of years of evolution. Which is the impact of the mutual adaptations on RNA, DNA, and proteins? How can the processes of evolution be reconstructed by the footprints they left within the genomes? In the lecture of the module basics of molecular evolution and some fundamental models of gene evolution will be presented. In the practical part, modern research strategies will be presented in the lab, supplemented with seminars about sequence analyses, strategies for the identification of unknown sequences for a specific function, interpretation of phylogenetic trees, cloning strategies for heterologous protein expression, and natural compound analyses. You will get an overview about the research and the methods of our group that focusses on the evolution of plant-insect interactions.

During the module you will give a seminar talk. The module ends with a written exam.

Organizational issues in summer 2020

  • Summer term only. Lecture 1 SWS, Practical with seminar 3 SWS, 5 ECTS.
  • This module is also part of the Master of Molecular Biology and Evolution (MAMBE).
  • Module description biol247

Lecture and practical

  • Two weeks now
    • from 06.07.2020 until 17.07.2020 in room E10, ground floor Botanical Institute, Biocenter, and in the lab of our group.
  • Link to the schedule of the module


  • Tue. 31.03.2020, 11:00 a.m. seminar room 0134, Biocenter.


  • Seminar talk (40%) and written exam (60%).
  • Date of written exam will be discussed with the participants.

Download lecture files

Files for download will be provided latest in the before start of the module. Please note that these file are regarded as supportive material. They are not intended to replace reading books! The material ist protected by copyright. It is not allowed to forward the files, print outs, or the password provided to you to any third party.

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Part 2: XXX

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