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Master Thesis

The Master Thesis is the most important module of the Master curriculum. This module offers you the opportunity to participate in our most up-to-date research projects while you are guided by experienced researchers of our team. The topic of your project will be part of our research focus on plant insect interactions and will be formed, in parts, by you. The module "Development of a scientific project" (biol608) will make you familiar with the most important research methods that you will need for your Master Thesis project. In our group we use a wide array of methods spanning the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, microscopy, natural compounds analytics, and evolutionary research. This provides you with a solid base for the start in your professional career. Are you interested? Please contact us as early as possible!

Our research questions - your sesearch topic

Our research focus is on plants, on animals that interact with plants, and on natural compounds and microorganisms that are part of these interactions. For this wide field we need a wide array of research methods and motivated students that are interested to work in this multifaceted field of biology.

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Modules Master Thesis

To start with the module "Master Thesis" requires the successfull participation in the module "Development of a Scientific Project".

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