Research Group Biochemical Ecology and Molecular Evolution

Research Modules (biol205, biol606, biol607)

  • biol205-I and -II Research Project (MSc Biology)
  • biol606 Introductory Reasearch Projekt (MAMBE)
  • biol607 Advanced Research Project (MAMBE)

During the Research Project you will become a member of our team and have the chance to learn the fields of research of our group "Biochemical Ecology and Molecular Evolution". The idea of this module is to get in contact with various research groups at the Biocenter of Kiel University to decide, in which group you will apply for a Master Thesis project. The topic of your project during the Research Module will result from our actual research questions and will be defined in a personal interview. During this module you will be a member of our group, participating in group meeting and group seminars.

Our research questions - your sesearch topic

Our research focus is on plants, on animals that interact with plants, and on natural compounds and microorganisms that are part of these interactions. For this wide field we need a wide array of research methods and motivated students that are interested to work in this multifaceted field of biology.

Informations about our research.