AG Biochemische Ökologie und Molekulare Evolution

Further Informations

  • Date: 20.05. - 28.05.2018
    • Please be aware that the excursion overlaps with the first day of the week following the excursion week! If you have another module that day, please ask the module coordinator for approval before you apply.
  • Organized and supervised by Prof. Dr. J. Schrautzer and Prof. Dr. D. Ober
  • For students of the curricula
    • Master of Science in Biology
    • Master of Science in Environmental Biology
    • Master of Science in Applied Ecology
  • Maximum number of participants: 14
  • Excursion language: English
  • Estimated costs: approx. 450 € per student (800 € for flight, double room accomodation, rental car, admission fees, food minus about 350 € support by the university). Make payments until the 28.02.2018 to (do NOT forget to give the "Verwendungszweck"!):
    • Landeskasse Kiel bei der Deutschen Bundesbank Hamburg
    • IBAN: DE82 2000 0000 0020 2015 77
    • BIC-Code: MARKDEF1200
    • Verwendungszweck (Kassenzeichen): 04025355645700
  • Application: Please apply by e-mail (to: with a short description of your skills and motivation in plant/vegetation ecology and systematics. Please give also the topic of your bachelor thesis and of completed modules in botany/ecology. Please indicate the master curriculum, you are studyingApplication deadline: 08.02.2018 (this is one day earlier as initially announced)

  • Before the excursion, participants will present a topic about the ecology and botany of Tenerife in a seminar taking place in April/Mai 2018 in Kiel. These participants will act as "experts" for this topic also during the excursion on the island in the field. This means that a large portion of the excursion is organized by the participants! The topics will be assigned with confirmation of participation in a preliminary meeting already on the 09.02.2018 at 13:00 at room E10 (Biozentrum).
  • Examination: Presentation (Seminarleistung given at Kiel and during the excursion) and protocol (written report of the selected topic including the on site data, experiences and informations). Deadline for submission of the report: 30.06.2018.
  • Module biol257: Successful participation will be accepted as elective module of biol201 (5 ECTS)